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Thank you for visiting Malu Tattoo! My name is April Love and I have been tattooing since 1997. I started my career in Los Angeles, CA my home town. I moved to Cambodia in 2012 and continue to work as a custom tattoo artist in the Kingdom of Wonder. Now, I am living on Maui, HI and looking for a new tattoo family on the The Valley Isle. A tattoo should be a very individual piece of art that is special and unique to you. I am a highly skilled and trained artist who can bring this to life. I mostly do custom designed tattoos for my clients. click here for more information on how I work I take your ideas and turn them in to a unique piece of art. You will not run across your tattoo design anywhere else. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy walk-in clients and flash designs too. I enjoy working with anyone who has an open heart and mind.

I started my training and education as an artist over 20 years ago. I studied for a BFA in Sculpture, a I hold BS in Environmental Health and over 18 years experience as a tattoo artist. I hold a State of Hawaii Tattoo Artist License. I apprenticed with Lil' Vicki Fuhrmann and Jeff Fuhrmann who owned Freedom Design Emporium, Cottonwood, AZ. Both are truly great artists with the ability to pass on tattooing skills. I feel very grateful to have learned from them. They closed their studio several years ago. Jeff died Sept. 2005. Vicki is now working at The Enchanted Dragon in Tucson, AZ. I'm a member of National Tattoo Association

I make sure your body-art fits your personality and body so you will be happy to show it off for years to come. I like to see well placed and sized tattoos. Tattoos I believe should enhance the body. For women I see tattoos as a permanent form of jewelry. For men I like to see the strength of the upper body accentuated. My passion is tribal but I am versatile in most tattoo styles. When working in color I enjoy fine art reproductions and flowers. I can also help make a 'problem' tattoo that you hide into something you will be proud of. I am skilled at covering scars as well. You can see my work in Tattoo Master issue 20 (Scar Cover-ups) and issue 28 (The Healing Power of Tattoo). I was included in the book "Electric Tattooing by Women 1900-2003" and will be included in the upcoming sequel "Electric Tattooing by Women 2004-2014."

I believe many people use tattooing to symbolically mark personal transformations and significant events. Others emphasize their tattoos as markers of personal and social identity. I have a strong belief that tattoo holds the power to heal in many ways. Tattooing and piercing have been an extension of the artistic and spiritual sides of my nature allowing me a personal way for me to express myself. The tattoos on my body tend to be anthropological in nature. I have textile, mummy and pottery designs. I enjoy the connection to the history of people.

Client Testimonials
My clients say it best! On this page you will find some selected examples of the many kind comments sent in by my clients.

"I chanced upon Malu Tattoo (when it used to be located on Melrose Avenue) in 2001 and I have not gone anywhere else for my tattoos since. April is an artist of tremendous talent and she makes you feel completely at ease during the tattoo application process with her humor and personable demeanor. I am sad to lose my one and only artist as a result of her moving to Cambodia, but I'm hoping that one day she'll return to Los Angeles, even for a visit." ~Julie, Diamond Bar, CA

"I can not say enough good things about April Love and her work. She puts herself, with your input, into every unique piece she designs for you. We had our initial meeting and a long session of just talking about what I was looking for and wanted. Not too much later she came back with a great design that we are continuing to expand on. In addition to her great design phase, her application phase is awesome. She takes care to use very clean and sterile techniques and uses a very light hand which delivers amazing results. Her every move is done with you, the client in mind. April is truly a unique and wonderful person. If you want to have an incredible and unique piece of work done then you should contact her. However, if you are seeking some flash that every joker walking down the streets has, go see some amateur. Because April is definitely not an amateur, and when you use her talents you will get only the best! ~Brian, Columbus, GA.

"Thank you so much Ms. Love for my beautiful tattoo! Because of my scars I've always walked around covering my body. I would never ever have considered wearing a short-sleeved shirt. I was so self-conscience about my scars that even in 90-100 degree heat here I am with long sleeved shirts on. Just in the first day I got my tattoo I felt like a new person. I've already went shopping for cute summer like shirts. I can't even stay out of the mirror looking at my tattoo. I feel more confident and sexy. Its really great to have something that you've been so troubled by all your life be turned into a positive. Now people will look at my beautiful art work and not my scars. I won't feel uncomfortable going swimming and wearing bikinis and walking around on the beach. This has truly changed me for the better. Ms. Love, your talent and the love you have for that talent is so awesome. I knew right away when we had our consultation that I wanted to work with you. You saw my vision and exactly what I wanted achieved and you did it exactly the way I planned. I felt your compassion for my story and how these are the type of projects that really get you to show your creative side, and it was truly a blessing to work with you. I cant thank you enough. I look forward to working with you in the future." ~Keishonna, Miami, FL.

"After moving to L.A. in 2000, I searched far and wide for an artist to continue my inking with. I ended up finding a lifelong friend who just happens to be the most talented artist with a tattoo needle I've ever come across. I've literally been to the ends of the earth with this woman, and I know the lengths she goes to in order to gather artistic inspiration. I now have over 15 pieces by April Love." ~Scott, Los Angeles, CA.

"I found April Love online and was really impressed with her work. I later walked into her shop on Melrose to meet the artist in person! I had wanted a tattoo for some time, and April immediately put me at ease. She knew exactly what I wanted and created a design that I continue to be completely thrilled with. I now have four pieces by Ms. Love, and always receive compliments on her work. I trust her completely!" ~Julie, Beverly Hills, CA.

"I would not let anyone tattoo me but April Love! She makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed during the whole session. Ms. Love is an amazing artist who will bring you're scrambled thoughts and ideas to life! I could not ask for a better artist to work with. Ms. Love's work always amazes me, the end results are better then I could ever imagine. April designed everything to fit my personality and my body! You'll never second-guess any work done by Ms. Love. She will exceed all expectations!" ~Kevin, Huntington Beach, CA.

"Ms. Love, I LOVE the tattoo and am so so pleased with it, I feel like I have a new lil friend on my back, its very exciting! You did such a great job, the whole experience was very very pleasant. ~ Denise, Anaheim, CA.

"I'm happy to endorse April Love as an experienced veteran tattoo artist. I was extremely pleased with the results achieved on my tattoo. Ms. Love is a true artist and designed exactly the type and size tattoo I desired. I have visited April on more than one occasion and each time she was courteous, thoughtful, and professional and makes the overall process easy and comfortable. April ensures the environment is sterile and clean at all times which is important to me! Ms. Love is capable of designing just about any style of tattoo desired. I believe her tribal designs particularly are extremely well done!" ~Kirk, Long Beach, CA.

"It took me a long time to decide what kind of tattoo I wanted, it really had to say something. I also wanted to feel perfectly comfortable with the artist that was going to do the work. After explaining my ideas to April Love and seeing how creative she is, I knew my decision to have her apply my tattoo was the right one! April has done two tattoos on me so far, both have been excellent. She's the only one I would let do it." ~Jay, Woodland Hills, CA.

"My brother discovered April Love online and after admiring her work, made an appointment to get his first tattoo during our holiday to the states. She made us both (and our parents) feel welcome and at ease and I watched for three hours as she worked on my brother, it was fantastic, very professional, clean and expert. I then contacted her when it was my turn for my first and without hesitation she took the time to design a beautiful tribal that I now have on my back. I wasn't able to get back to the States to have her do it sadly but she emailed me some trustworthy names nearby! I turned to her again recently for my second, a very personal one that I knew only she I could trust to design, and once again she made such a beautiful effort to create a unique and intensely creative design that suited me perfectly. I have had it done and I'm so happy! Ms. Love has always been so helpful, kind, trustworthy and incredibly generous as she lives so far away from me and is a very busy lady, yet took the time to create my tattoo designs and for that I am eternally grateful! I'm so looking forward to the day I will be back in the states and have her work on me directly! Thank you Ms. Love and I hope to see you soon, keep up the good work you're fabulous!" ~Susannah, Nevers, France.

"I have wholeheartedly given April Love's name to everyone I know considering a tattoo. I first went to her for a piece five years ago, and I came back to her this year and will hopefully always be able to return to her. Not only do I trust her process, her renderings, her artistic prowess, but I also trust her as an individual. April is, to me, the dream tattoo artist: immensely gifted, solid while retaining flexibility, imaginative, and warm. For as long as she's tattooing, I'll be under her gun." ~Wendy, Los Angeles, CA.

"I totally trust April Love. She is a talented artist, incredibly skilled, and a really wonderful person. She will help you turn your ideas into a fabulous one of a kind tattoo. I have no hesitation in recommending her to everyone, including (and especially) my kids." ~Mary, Sylmar, CA.

"It's always a pleasure returning to April Love. She is an amazing artist with an awesome talent. You can rest assure the outcome will be exactly as you expect it to be! I have three very meaningful tattoos done by April and am very grateful for her outstanding work" ~Sophia, Santa Ana, CA.

"April Love is Fantastic! I had Started out with a tattoo done at an "upscale" West Hollywood tattoo shop. Only to find next day that the Tattoo was blown out, blurry, fuzzy just poorly done by a over rated artist. I could have gone back to that shop and complained, and give them the chance to screw it all up again. Instead I decided to search further for another artist to fix what was so poorly done. I came across Ms. Love's web site and sent her an email. She was prompt with a reply and was more than happy to see what I had. We set up a consultation. During the consultation she was very professional with "what should have been done" And very knowledgeable about how she was going to fix it. Any mundane question I had she was right there explaining it to me, without hesitation and without treating me like a child. She totally fixed My mess and changed it into a fantastic piece! So Fantastic that I had her do another piece for me. Totally her design from an idea I had. I have gotten so many compliments from the work she has done from complete strangers. I'm dropping her name all over! I loved how she so warmly walked me through the process and made sure she knew what I wanted. April Love is Great! I won't go to anyone else!" ~Delena, West Hollywood, CA.

"The first time I went to April Love to do a rework of an existing piece that I had that was botched by another artist. April reworked the piece and not only did it come out better than I envisioned, I have been back again for more work. April is talented, professional and a pleasure to work with. I get questions and compliments all the time about my sleeve, and recommend her without hesitation" ~Al, Encino, CA.

"I found April Love doing searches online. I wanted a woman artist and all the things that April wrote on her site about tattooing really struck a nerve with me. I've described to friends how I thought of her as an "Earth Mother", in tune with her role as a woman and an artist. I first met Ms. Love, when she invited me to come to her studio so I could check it all out. We talked for an hour or so, I showed her some designs and we talked about safety and how clean everything would be. That was a BIG thing for me. Due to the nature of why I was getting a tattoo, I had to really know that everything was clean and sanitized. She showed the me the entire procedure, step by step to make me feel comfortable. I wanted and needed a tattoo that represented my survival from a near fatal blood infection. Originally I had wanted a fairy but after giving April numerous designs, she helped me realize that it just wasn't going to work. I so appreciated her artistic knowledge and honesty. She told me that when the design is right, I would know it right away. Soon after, I discovered a Celtic design that was perfect. It had the elements that I saw as strength, family and love. I gave the design to April and with her suggestions about feathering the color, it came out perfect! I felt completely comfortable and safe while getting my tattoo from April Love." ~Sue, San Diego, CA.

"I was first introduced to April Love's work by my best friend, Julie. She had a cover up done on her arm (among a few other pieces) and the results were excellent! I was highly impressed with Ms. Love's artistic style and level of professionalism. So, years later, when I decided to get a very special piece done, she was the only one who came to mind. Ms. Love understood perfectly how to accentuate the most important parts of my Hindu god tattoo and truly make it a beautiful piece of artwork that will always be with me. I recommend her to anyone who wants to work with an extremely talented artist who doesn't compromise on her work ethic, yet is completely open to listening to a client's vision and therefore ensuring 100% satisfaction. These are the factors that make Ms. Love's clients return. Her great personality is a bonus and makes working with her a genuinely pleasant experience." ~Lilia, North Hollywood, CA.

"April Love is an incredibly nice and likeable person, yet at the same time, professional, edgy and obviously highly skilled as a tattoo artist. While her art is clearly in the foreground, not far behind are numerous other aspects that make working with Ms. Love a truly unique and special experience. I find that her private studio is the best environment yet. It is a more intimate surrounding where there are no walk-ins or phone calls that interrupt the session. This enables the artist to concentrate on the work and bond seamlessly with the client. Ms. Love's unique style and professionalism is why I highly recommend her!" ~Ramon Estrada (professional photographer), Sonoma, CA.

"April Love is one of those rare individuals who is not only talented at her work, but also a genuinely great person. My experiences with April have been professional and accommodating with never a lapse in quality of service. Another advantage of going to April is that her studios are private, meaning if it's your first time and you're nervous or you just want some privacy it's the perfect environment to get a tattoo in peaceful solitude. If you want some cheap flash tattoo off the wall, keep looking. However, if you want beautiful, one-of-a-kind art contact April for your needs as she is also a very creative individual. I guarantee the experience will be amazing at every juncture." ~Mike, Hacienda Heights, CA.

"Ms. Love is a great Tattoo artist. She truly thinks about the client as she creates a customized piece of art that will be with you forever. What I like about M.s Love is that she does not do impulse tattoos. She only tattoos clients that have thought seriously and really want a tattoo. your It's best to come prepared to the consults if you really want a specific look for your tattoo. If not, you still should have an idea of what you want and then let her flesh out the details. Ms. Love is very good with creating ideas for your tattoo if you get stuck. She is very honest and will help get the best possible outcome from your ideas. She has a wonderful attitude and will make you feel at ease. Tattoos from Ms. Love are definitely a treat!!...For the actual application, she goes through all the steps with you no matter how many tattoos she has done for you she always follows procedure, which makes her very precise and professional. Ms. Love is always very professional. I have many tattoos by Ms. Love and plan to get even more. If you are looking for a private tattoo artist who is professional, creative, and soothing, Ms. Love is the tattoo artist for you." ~Tasha, Claremont, CA.

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