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All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable... NO exceptions. Deposits are required to make a custom design request and to hold an application appointment.
Cash is the only form of payment accepted at Malu Tattoo. Paypal deposits are avaliable but read below for more details.

All deposits taken via will be charged a 10% surcharge to cover processing charges. This service is provided only as a convenience. Final payment at time of application is cash only.


I've had to put this policy into place because of a lot of reasons bottom line of which affects me financially. I am an independent artist. I do not work for a company and I am not on the pay roll anywhere. When you make an appointment with me, be it either for a consultation or application, and cancel and do not give me enough time to reschedule I loose money. If enough of this happens I go out of business.

To show your respect of my person, talents, and very small business I expect 72-hour notice to cancel and or reschedule any appointment with me. If a minimum of 72 hour is not given when canceling and or rescheduling any deposit on record is forfeited. You will not get another appointment if this rule is not followed. In general if you make an appointment intend to keep it. Have your calendar and schedule available when making your appointment dates. And please show up on time and be prepared.

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