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I do mostly custom design work here at Malu Tattoo. What that means to you the client is that I draw the tattoo design specifically for you and never tattoo that design again. The way the process works is different than walking in and getting a ready-made design (flash) that you pick out from a book. Custom design will take a bit of participation on your part. You will be expected to have a rough idea of what you want. The rough idea should at least encompass these ideas:

1. What style do you want the tattoo to be? I.E.- Color, Black and Gray, Tribal, Japanese, Traditional.

2. Where on your body do you want the tattoo?

3. What size do you want the tattoo?

4. What do you want (as specific as possible)? For example, I want a rose with tribal stems and thorns. The rose is to be in full bloom and to have 2 colors worked into it.A rough sketch no matter how rough is very helpful.

5. Do you have any materials that you have been looking at that would help me "see" what is in your head? This could be cards, photos from magazines, t-shirts, etc. Bring these to your consultation appointment.

If you have you have at least some general answers or ideas to the above questions then you should schedule a consultation appointment. A consultation appointment is a free appointment where we discuss your tattoo. You show and tell me what you are thinking about and I explain what is possible and what is not possible with your design ideas. We look at any rough sketches you made and any other resource materials that you brought. I may have you look at the resource materials here at the studio to clarify your ideas better for both of us.

I expect to have some creative freedom. I am a fine artist and I expect that you are coming to me looking for a trained professional. I will follow your requests but have my own interpretation of them. I do not expect micro management of my creativity. I am a willing partner in the cooperative development of a project but do have some respect for my person and talents both as a visual artist and a tattoo artist.

If at this time you decide that you want to work with me I will take a deposit that goes 100% towards the cost of tattoo application. I have you fill out a short form providing your contact information, a description of your tattoo design request and such. I will give you a time frame to expect a design from me.

If you are on line I will e-mail you the design and ask for you to tell me what you think. If you are not on-line you will be called and asked to stop by to view the design. Sometimes the design will be exactly what you want and sometimes changes will be need to be made. This all depends on how well your design ideas are expressed and communicated at the beginning of the design. That is why I ask for rough drawings and resource materials so that I can better see into your head and pull out your design. I also ask that you have a fairly clear idea of what you want before you come to me to assist with designing your tattoo. If you do not have a clear idea it is very hard for me to get a clear idea of what you want. I expect to do some revision on the designs I create but I do not expect to do major revisions or completely take a different direction because the tattoo design request was not thought out well enough before you came to me. I would rather have several consultation appointments to discuss and develop your ideas and concepts until you have a clear idea of what you want than to forever be drawing designs that you don't want, as this can be a frustrating experience for both of us. And can lead to additional costs if you cannot decide on a design.

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