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White Tattoo Ink is different from other colors of ink. It is a color that is sensitive to sun exposure. It will first yellow and then fade away completely. Traditionally white is used for accents like highlights, teeth and eyes.

In the last few years all white tattoos have become more and more popular. All white tattoos tend to be less noticeable and to look more like scars or branding. An all white tattoo is not suggested for a large piece, as even with a solid fill they tend to look a bit patchy. The initial healing period will be the same for any other tattoo but after the scab peels away you will notice the tattoo looking pinkish under the ink... this pinkness is the lower layers of the skin continuing to will go away over time... usually 1-6 months. All white tattoos are a novelty at best and will require routine touch-up if exposed to the sun at all. I do not guarantee all white tattoos... any necessary touch-ups will be at the client's expense.

Here is an example of a white only tattoo.


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